Manifesting your Desires

March 27th, 2012

Have you ever read or watched the Secret? The Secret involves the belief that you create your own reality. True or BS? My personal belief is YES, it does in fact work. The best way to test this is to look back at things in your past both good and bad and ask yourself, ” How did my thoughts create that particular reality for myself?” Or simply look at someone you know very well, who has a certain type of mind-set, whether it be positive or negative. It’s hard to fathom that if you simply “believe” something to be true, that it will in fact be true especially with regards to money, or things in your life that are lacking. For instance, if you’re always broke and always struggling it takes work to switch off that mindset into believe that you are thriving and in fact have abundance. (because you’re always thinking and believing the opposite, but YOU MUST change your thoughts!) Think of it this way: If you constantly think that you are broke you ARE BROKE! Why? Not because you don’t have money, but because you have the MINDSET that you do NOT HAVE MONEY! One of the things I didn’t like about the Secret is that it focused too much on materialistic things rather than life as a whole, such as relationships and experiences. It was all about thinking big and having your dream home, dream life, dream bank account etc. However, I do not knock the documentary because I believe they created it in a way to reach the masses. How many of you would go out and watch a DVD about how to have better friendships and less conflict in your life? Many wouldn’t because many of us like to believe that those issues are not our reality when in fact we all could benefit from learning how to monitor our thinking. How is it that someone like Steve Jobs could be adopted by working class parents with no education, spending all their savings on his college education just to have him drop out- yet he created APPLE. That doesn’t just happen. People who THINK they way he thought are the ones that DO. NEVER SAY ” Oh that would never be me, or I could never do that” because GUESS WHAT- YOU NEVER WILL! You won’t create something that you don’t believe you can. That NEVER happens. Steve Jobs said himself ” You can’t look forward on how you are going to get somewhere- you just believe you will get there. Once you’re there you can look back”. You have to KNOW it will happen, the rest falls into place. The more you do it, the more it works. I’m going to post the best videos I have found- do NOT laugh at Burt Goldman because he is an old grandpa looking dude. Let me tell you, this 80 something year old man is SHARP. He KNOWS what he’s talking about, and IT WORKS. I know from personal experience it works. The reason I’m posting his videos in particular are for a few reasons- They are short 5-10 minutes at the most. (you should subscribe so you will be informed of new uploads) and nlike the secret he doesn’t just tell you how you should think, he actually WALKS you through it. So no matter how silly you feel, FOLLOW the instructions as he says them WHILE you are watching and lastly not all of his videos are about manifestation but I won’t get into that. You’ll have to browse his videos. Anyhow, here they are I hope you enjoy them and please tell me how they work for you! By the way, when I personally did this exercise work was slow and I had several days with no clients. Rather than focusing on money (this video is about money) I focused on clients calling me SO MANY CLIENTS CALLING ME, that my book was so full that I could barely squeeze anyone in and GUESS WHAT.. within TWO days the phone started ringing like crazy and it hasn’t stopped. If you’re skeptical so WHAT!? What do you have to lose? 15 minutes of your life? Enjoy this lovely senior from Palm Springs he’s a character!

Quantum Jumping to Attract Wealth pt 1

Quantum Jumping to Attract Wealth pt 2

Quantum Jumping to Attract Wealth pt 3


911 Terrorist Attack, or False Flag Attack?

March 25th, 2012

Lt. Colonel Shelton F Lankford said, “If you ridicule others who have sincere doubts and who know factual information that directly contradicts the official report and who want explanations from those who hold the keys to our government, and have motive, means, and opportunity to pull off a 9/11, but you are too lazy or fearful, or … to check into the facts yourself, what does that make you?” Lt. Lankford is one of the many petitioners listed on the Military Officers for 911 Truth website. See, feel and hear his words, and what I’d like to say is do a little homework! The facts (NOT theories) may shock you. You may even feel you’ve been fed a load of bullshit. Questioning the official report of 911 is far from unpatriotic, it’s the most true and meaningful way to honor all the victims of 911 who died and who’s families are forever changed. This also holds true to all the service members who joined all the branches of our military with a mission to protect our country from another 911. Lastly for all the innocent Iraqi and Afghan women children and civilians that have been killed because of what we BELIEVE happened to US on 911.
What if, just WHAT IF what we were told is all a LIE? How many people know the FBI had and currently has NO EVIDENCE linking Osama Bin Laden to 911? This is just a quick link I posted- but not the only one that exists about the lack of evidence against OBL. In front of a courthouse on the 10th anniversary of 911 Lt. Col. Robert M Bowman PHD -with credentials literally coming out of his ass explains how the Iraq and Afghan wars were planned BEFORE 911. Have we been played? Wait, have YOU been played? I’ve been on the questionable band wagon for a few years now but finally had a chance to sit down and lay the facts on the table. You’re lucky to have me sift through all the “probable” bullshit and only give you information from credible sources that I trust, and I think you will trust as well. After all of this if you still don’t believe it, you’ll just have to show me why.
After a photo containing the words ” It’s God’s Job to Judge the Terrorists, it’s Our Mission to Arrange the Meeting, U.S. Marines” circulated the web I began to realize how much we as human beings have been changed, not only by the events of 911, but also the constant propaganda put forth by all the mainstream media outlets. I will say that I personally believe this billboard is a photoshop creation and that it is not an actual representation of the U.S. Marines, which is why I’m not posting the photo. I also want to make clear that I am not denying the existence of religious extremists and their actions, I am simply focusing on the events of 911 and no other “terrorist” events as I have done no research and cannot agree or disagree to the information gave to us by any news outlet mainstream or otherwise. Mike Prysner is the first of the winter soldier testimonies I watched. If you don’t think we’re at war for the bankers and corporations then you have to hear his speech and then ask yourself again. Don’t forget to watch part two of Mike Prysner. Soldiers who started the IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War)
explain their awakening to the real reasons for our occupations of these countries. These soldiers are NOT traitors, they are exposing the tyranny that has continued for YEARS. The Winter Soldier Testimonies are just a fraction of the reality of the occupations. I agree that this is a fraction of the views and experiences of our soldiers, and some of their thoughts are subject to their opinion. However their opinions matter and they should be heard. If you or your child or family member is considering joining the Armed Forces especially the Army or Marines (because of the danger for their life and the lives of others as well as the likelihood of having to pull a trigger) they should fully investigate the agenda of the elite and our government and make an informed decision before deciding. It’s only fair. I grew up a military brat- then military wife please don’t mistake my thoughts as being against the military. This is not the case at all.
My personal question that I always ask and can’t find the answer is: If the majority of the terrorists that hijacked our planes on 911 were from Saudi Arabia WHY did we invade Iraq and Afghanistan? Maybe it’s a silly question, not to me though. (Supposedly some of the terrorists are ALIVE? but hello that’s another story) There are many websites and Youtube videos that contain information about the events that occurred on 9/11/2001. Most of these sites disagree with the “official” report of how things occurred. I will focus on the the r the scientific data and facts rather than the speculations and theories. My approach is meant to raise your awareness of the facts regarding the events which is contrary to what you will find on mainstream media with regards to 911. I will also link to specific videos and websites where you will find information from credible sources, not sites that post theories of what “possibly” happened. It is interesting that the people that believe the official story have not investigated anything on their own, yet the ones that take the time to look into the facts all come to the conclusion that the official report has major flaws (at the very least) if not completely fabricated.
The live events of 9/11/2001 became televised once the first tower was hit. Many of us numbly watched the 2nd tower hit by a plane and also watched both towers collapse. I was in shock. I don’t remember much else although some people who were interviewed on LIVE TV proclaimed the sounds of explosions. Even news reporters on the scene spoke of “explosions and blasts”. There were witnesses who were fortunate to evacuate the building before the collapse that told of bombs and the damaged caused by bombs. The official report says THERE WERE NO EXPLOSIVES. I’m not going to dig for the live news videos of that day, you can search on Youtube if you need to verify this claim, I don’t feel it is relevant enough to search. However, those of us who watched Fahrenheit 911 remember the scene where GW Bush gets word that the first tower was hit. Personally I don’t think he looked surprised and what made me feel uncomfortable was how he ignored the secret service officer and continued to read the book to the classroom of kids. Sociopath is the word that came to my mind, but that’s just me. Then there’s the video of George W Bush caught lying about where he was when he found out about the first tower. The hits have climbed into the millions. “One terrible pilot”? I say, ONE TERRIBLE LIAR! But that’s just me. Remember I’m not here to point fingers, just to say to keep an open mind, then come to your own conclusion.
Are you aware that there are THOUSANDS of petitioners that are professionals in their fields of science that have joined the 911 Truth Movement that calls for an independent investigation, because based on their PROFESSIONAL beliefs that the “official” report is FALSE? That is actually MUST BE FALSE due to SCIENTIFIC DATA? Which by the way the 911 commission report does NOT contain ANY provable scientific data AT ALL. (Wow, you would THINK they would want to get to the bottom of what happened. If in fact it was not an inside job- but that’s my opinion) The first group that started this petition is the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. You will find ALL scientific evidence on that site, not opinions. A simple high school physics formula can prove that the buildings fell at freefall speed- which is IMPOSSIBLE unless explosives are used. Irrefutably NOT POSSIBLE, NO WAY, NO HOW.
Are you among the many who don’t even know a third building (Building 7) also collapsed at free fall speed even though it was not hit by a plane? The families of those affected in the collapse of Building 7 filed a law suit to investigate as Building 7 was NOT even MENTIONED in the 911 Commission Report. See information regarding Building 7. Part of their complaint claims that CNN reported live on tv the collapse BEFORE the building actually collapsed proving for-knowledge of the collapse. The judge that their case was assigned to did NOT KNOW of a BUILDING 7 that collapsed on 911! On purpose that the media conveniently left building 7 out of the picture ALL of the time. In FACT Ground Zero had the two lights shining in memoriam WHY NOT THREE?
Many laws have changed because of 911. The Patriot Act was enacted (which is indeed far from patriotic as your home may be searched, your phones and emails monitored without your knowledge or consent) A lot of American citizens have changed their views and thoughts with regards to war and the people of the Middle East, whether it is a conscious change or not. The media has caused many people to equate Muslims as terrorists. Every Muslim is NOT a terrorist! The majority of Muslims are from Indonesia and South Asia NOT the Middle East, and I don’t know of any Indonesian suicide bomber, well not one that MSNBC or FOX News has told me about anyway :0
Much of this is due to the neuro-linguistic programming that the mainstream media use to sway the thoughts of those who watch. Always beware of what you watch. Pick up on underlying messages that are meant to affect your thoughts without your knowledge. This is true for all topics and agendas, not just 911.
I pondered on how I was going to approach this subject. I didn’t even know what to title this blog because this topic can go in too many directions and I wanted to put a bit of information out there for those that want factual information and not theories cooked up in a radical thinking mind. Although there is a ton of information on the web regarding the subject of whether or not 911 went down the way the official report SAID it did, many people refuse to research this information for many valid reasons: They don’t want to occupy their minds over “conspiracy theories of an event that happened over ten years ago- or they believe in an honest government and believe that what is told through mainstream media is the truth and they accept it at face value, and many other personal reasons which I won’t get into. I watched a video many years ago that briefly touched on the 911 subject. It was intrigued me enough to start my digging. Funny thing that I am writing about this I’m actually more skeptical than most.
Firefighters for 911 Truth joined the truth movement in due in part to their inability to conduct an official investigation as protocol for a collapsed building. They were denied an investigation for explosive material even though their protocol calls for it. Basically they were denied the ability to do their jobs as they are supposed to do in that type of a situation. The firefighters also questioned the molten steel found at all three trade center buildings. Jet fuel does NOT burn hot enough to cause molten metal, only explosives do. If I miss any links I believe that all of these sites contain some if not all the links to the other branches of the petition. Here is a couple of other groups I haven’t yet mentioned:
Scientists for 911 Truth : a group of scientists that have INDEPENDENTLY tested world trade center dust for explosive material and found in all cases POSITIVE for thermite and or thermitic material. Yet the official report contained no report of any testing for explosives.
Political Leaders for 911 Truth because they’re NOT all corrupt elitist puppets!
Pilots for 911 Truth claim that an inexperienced pilot who sucked according to his instructor could NOT have flown the plane into the Pentagon and that a highly experienced pilot would have had difficulty. (I’m just the messenger, not a pilot so I can’t enforce this statement).
There is an actors for 911 truth but I am not listing them as I don’t know whether any of the petitioners have any expertise in the area of any science with regards to the 911 commission report, and I want to only stand by what I firmly trust and believe and I have to be honest I didn’t even look into their organization. If I ever do, and I feel it has compelling evidence that is not already listed, I’ll update at a later time.
My thoughts on 911? False flag attack to ensure the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan for those in power to gain control of these countries and their resources, PERIOD END DOT. What do YOU think? What did I miss? Remind me, and I’ll add it!
This is just a fraction of information that is out there I’ll update with more but if I wait to post this, it will never happen! Hope I didn’t bore you, and I hope I didn’t post any information that seems false. If I did please let me know so I can address it. Also fee free to ask questions, k thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!
Violence begets violence… and the fact that we keep repeating history ought to tell you that the shit aint workin!


Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

March 9th, 2012

Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies are sounds that seem to do amazing things from repairing DNA to opening your pineal gland. Do they work? I think they do! I had some unexplained things happen to me (which is a long story for another post) but I can tell you YES! They do work! I first heard about these frequencies some years back when my son was really getting into music. He said “Mom, did you know the musical scale is different than what it used to be a long time ago?” “What do you mean, I asked?” Basically he said that the notes were changed for one reason or another and now musical instruments play the notes: do re mi fa so la ti do! The only way to now play these notes is to adjust your instrument and I don’t think all instruments can- and I guess you would have to know how to do it! I forgot all about them until one day it pops in my head out of the blue and I decide to do some research. It so happens these sounds were used in the Ancient Gregorian Chants in hymns such as St John the Baptist. The frequencies were also used in religious cermonies and rituals. Science experiments were done with these tones for their effect on water and how it looks when frozen. Since the body is made mostly of water you have to realize that whenever you say or think negative things about people or yourself it affects you phyisically it can cause illness and disease. This also means if you say loving words and think loving thoughts about yourself and others that it heals you physically. My guess is that the powers that be did not want the masses of people to know that they have the power to heal themselves and/or the power to control their lives. It is also my thought that higher ups within the churches also did not want the people to achieve higher consciousness so these frequencies are no longer used. Ever hear of tuning forks? They use frequencies for healing and opening up your chakras. I found the BEST Solfeggio Frequency YouTube channel and I play them all the time when I want to decompress from a hard day or when I want to escape the snoring noise next to me or even in my car! I hope you find them enjoyable! I have and I’ve been listening to them for over a year now. Let me know what you think! By the way, it’s best to use good headphones and watching the video is not necessary- close your eyes and relax!

Here is one of my favorites:
Pineal Gland Activator

For detailed information on Solfeggio Frequencies including the list of each frequency and it’s purpose, CLICK HERE!


Kony 2012

March 8th, 2012

I honestly don’t know where to start. Let me start with OPEN YOUR EYES. There is always a bigger picture that most people miss. I don’t proclaim to know whether this film is completely true, partly true or a complete falsehood. What I do know is that there are tragic violations and death happening to children all over there world. This is not new. What is DISGUSTING is this supposed “FATHER” telling his child a HORRIFIC STORY that he has no business hearing. Is he THAT DE-SENSITIZED? Do YOU THINK THAT IS NORMAL? This non-profit has a shady past. What scares me is that so many people just believe whatever they see based on good acting and good editing. Is it fake? I’m not an expert to say so. I honestly don’t want to dig into a bunch of reasearch to see if it is, or if it isn’t. I’ll leave that up to someone else- and the information is out there, if you look for it. Here is a great blog that sites resources of information:
Now that Uganda has resources that the multi national interests want, they can send our military to start another war and now that 27+ million people have seen this documentary and believe everything in it, they’ll be ok with it. The “MAN” is the very reason there is suffering in this world today. It is ON PURPOSE! You think it’s just by chance that in 2012 there are still places with no running water, no heat, no clean water to drink! Food for thought: Mother Teresa said “”I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” –
You see, Mother Teresa KNEW that the more you focus on something- the more you create. So if you focus on hating the war or even “anti-war” you are participating in the creation of MORE WAR. If you focus on “cancer awareness” or “anti-cancer” you are creating MORE CANCER. What this video has done is lowered the vibrations of millions of people. Whenever you are exposed to negativity- even if it is opposing the negative act your energy is destroyed. Your peace is destroyed. I am not suggesting you pretend bad things do not exist. I am saying sit back, calm down and acknowledge that this KONY BULL ISH has taken a piece of you – negatively. WE collectively are responsible for the way things are. Own that responsibility. Look at the “MAN IN THE MIRROR” – “Be the change you want to see in the world” Now cleanse yourself from the negativity you absorbed from that video! Beware when you watch tv and film. Beware when you listen to music. When you are aware of what you are watching or listening to, you will not be controlled. 2012 is the year of the awakening of human conciousness. So wake up! The only “awareness” you need is awareness of SELF. Or, if you want, go buy some posters and post them up on 4/20 (is the 4/20 a joke on you too? You’ll be posting and your friends will be smoking… hmmm). When you get arrested, don’t forget you no longer have the right to due process. Thank yourself for that too.
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HermosaWave Picture of the Day

March 8th, 2010

Sunlight Through the Pier

by Daniel Sofer Hermosawave Picture of the Day

Daniel has been a client of mine for some years now. However it was long before we met that I became a fan of his photography. I get so many ideas on how to shoot a striking photograph, but Daniel has mastered that feat. If you have never seen his photos, I urge you to check them out! hermosawavephotography is sure to delight you with a spectacular photograph nearly every single day. The majority of photos are shot locally. On occasion when Daniel goes out of town, you’ll get a glimpse of other interesting places. I also get a kick out of the titles. Who could think of a new title for a photo almost every single day? The photos look so amazing, you’ll want to go there on your next trip! Daniel sells his prints which makes for a great decoration for your home, a great gift, or even a souvenir of you stay at our local beaches. If you follow him on twitter, you can get the latest pics as soon as they are posted! He’ll post photo tips and answer your questions if you have any! I only blog about things that I believe are truly useful and are worth your time. I’m positive you’ll enjoy his site, please let me know what you think! If you really appreciate the tip, you can purchase one of his photos for me. The one shown above is my absolute favorite! Which is your favorite? During Daniel’s most recent haircut, he and I were discussing social networking for our businesses. I found out that he in fact does have a Facebook Fan Page (that I didn’t know about-shame on you Daniel!) Daniel says he has to work on that page! Well, become a fan, it will light a fire under his ass and he’ll have to jump on it! Have a great week all!


Trails by Trump National Golf Course

February 14th, 2010

View from Trump @ sunset 2/14/10

If you’re looking for something different to do in the Southbay, you’ve got to check out the trails at Trump Nat’l Golf course. I’m one of those people that gets so bored with my workouts. I like doing active things that make me feel like I’m not really working out. So anyhow, these trails are pretty cool. There are a few different ways to go, and I’ve only done 2 so far. The other day we took the switch back down to the beach. It was fairly easy. Today we went a crazy way down some man made stairs that were 2 fit high- each. So going up it felt like lunges all the way. Whew! My legs are burning, I broke a sweat and got some breath-taking views the entire way. This is a must do. Go to Yelp for the info. Next time I go, I’m going to get down to the beach and walk around the bend and see where it takes me! I love So. CAL!


Red Velvet Cupcake from Becker’s Bakery MB

February 13th, 2010

Becker's Cupcakes

I can’t believe I worked on my birthday. Well, what else was I to do? I’m crazy and I don’t want a birthday anyway! My clients need me, what was I going to do? Get a massage, a pedicure (oh nevermind I went to work- so that didn’t happen). My back still hurts and my toes are so gross! Lisa brought me a red velvet cake from Becker’s Bakery in Manhattan Beach. She made my day! It was wrapped up in a cute box, all for me :) I forgot how much I love Becker’s! I’ll make sure I get back there more often! They’ve got great cakes, cookies, cupcakes and sandwiches too! I’m glad I don’t work across the street anymore though. Or I would be fatter than I am now! By the way, this is the real stuff- real butter cream, not whipped cream or that sugary crap!


$99 FotoFacial Feels Like a Million Bucks!

February 11th, 2010

Sitting in the dentist chair getting numbed and shot was not my idea of a nice day off. I got drilled and jabbed and the smell of ground up teeth mad me gag. Luckily I ended the day at EstheticRX in Huntington Beach where I got myself a fotofacial that would surely make me feel younger tomorrow (instead of older) since it is my birthday! A fotofacial gets rid of sun spots, funky capillaries, roseacea, and it reduces pores and fine lines (the pores and lines is what I need!) Yeah, it was a little uncomfortable but definitely not bad. As I have gotten older, I’ve noticed my skin isn’t as even toned as it used to be. I have this huge UGLY brown spot on my face and it sucks when my clients think I got haircolor on myself. I have to explain, “oh no, it’s a sun spot”. UGH so embarrassing! Anyhow, I made the drive to the OC because I only trust Carolyn with an IPL (intense pulse light) laser. You wonder why she only charges $99? (Most places are $300-$600!) She (just like me) would rather do a large volume of clients and be able to service everyone, not just the ones who have money to blow. She has the same equipment, sees more clients and is an expert at what she does. Anyway, I’m just glad I get to feel a few years younger tomorrow and I’m not kidding, my skin feels tighter than hell! You’re not going to find anyone better, or less expensive. You’re just NOT.


Brazilian Blowout is the Best Keratin Treatment Available!

February 9th, 2010

Click to view photos of the Brazilian BlowoutClick to see photos of the Brazilian Blowout The Brazilian Blowout is a keratin smoothing treatment that is increasing in popularity. Not to be mixed with the “Brazilian Keratin Treatment” Brazilian Blowout contains no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals (PLEASE SEE BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT UPDATE ON FORMALDEHYDE CONTENT!. It does however had a formaldehyde derivative and is not recommended for pregnant and/or nursing mothers. It is the best available keratin treatment. I know, because I only use the best. My personal opinion and experience leads me to recommend clients not to wear contacts if possible and to keep their eyes closed . The service should be performed in a well ventilated area. (If it’s not, run like hell or your eyes will burn and you will cough!) Having been an expert in permanent hair straightening for many years I was at first skeptical of this treatment. I was thinking “this is crap and it’s not going to last”, I was wrong! (that doesn’t happen often by the way) After using Brazilian Blowout on numerous clients I decided to add it to my list of services that I recommend on a daily basis. If you are looking for straight hair, this is not for you. The Brazilian Blowout smooths the hair and gets rid of frizz but it does not straighten it. (If someone that tells you it’s a straightener they’re full of shit, and you’ll be disappointed) It is not permanent. You must use sulfate free shampoo to lengthen the life of your blowout. If you use regular shampoo, it is surely going to last one month at best. Please do not think your stylist is blowing smoke and trying to make you buy products. (Or maybe they are, but you still need to buy the products) I have tested it, and the result with regular shampoo is 3-4 weeks. If you wash less than every other day, it is possible to lengthen the life to 4 months. (but eeew wash your hair more often if it smells) Also, if you swim in a pool or the ocean on a regular basis it is not recommended as it will wash away and be a total waste of money. (But you can pay me anyway if you want to) The result is different for everyone. If you have a slight wave, your hair will likely become almost straight. If you have strong tight curls, your curls will loosen, but you will still have curls. Your hair will also dry in minutes, as the keratin coating acts as a humidity barrier. AR Salon in Hermosa Beach is doing Brazilian Blowouts for $175. Support products purchased the day of service are $25 ea (that’s practically cost, it’s normally $40- I’m trying to help you out here.) There is no catch. That is our regular price. Don’t ask for a bigger discount, this shit is expensive, and it’s as cheap as you’re going to find it. You may ask why we are almost half the price of other salons. The simple answer is we would rather do volume on a service that is required every 12 weeks and make it affordable for clients to come again and again. Any pricier and clients are likely never to return or not make the Brazilian Blowout a part of their regularly scheduled haircare. Imagine the experience we have doing all these $175 Brazilian Blowouts :0 Click here for FAQ
1.can be done of previously chemically treated hair. It makes hair stronger!
2. not permanent, if you choose to never do it again, your hair simply goes back to normal
3. hair can be worn wavy curly or straight, there is no need to blow dry or flat iron (unless you want to)
4. AFFORDABLE (at $175 you can’t afford not to!)
Even more AFFORDABLE (get it the same day as your color service and it gets reduced to $125!)
5. hair dries in minutes! (no shit!)
1. not permanent
2. doesn’t make your hair straight
3. you must buy special products (don’t be cheap! You have to buy them! If you don’t want Brazilian Blowout brand, you can buy sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free shampoos and they’ll work just as well.) The Best product/bang for your buck shampoo is the Coppola Keratin Shampoo and if you aren’t local to me, you can buy it right here:

4. you’ll get hooked, and you’ll have to pay the money EVERY 12 weeks :)


Saints wear Dream Capsule

February 7th, 2010

“The Saints are going to win the Super Bowl” exclaims Gene Smith – President and CEO of Dream Capsule as he sits in my chair with a pile of goop on his hair. More excited than at any other hair-straightening appt he’s had with me. He was anxious to leave for Miami for the Super Bowl. I don’t watch much football, so I was excited to have a team to root for this weekend. The players are wearing Dream Capsules! I’m thinking no one else thinks the Saints are going to win, but Gene was confident. “The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup wearing the Dream Capsule”. We talked extensively about this Dream Capsule and what it was about. I was very impressed to find that this product is manufactured right here in the US in one of the areas with the highest unemployment rates. Not only has Dream Capsule made with the various organizations that are benefitting from donations, but jobs were created as well. You have to check out this Dream Capsule. It’s a simple yet meaningful piece of jewelry that anyone would be proud to wear. You simply write your dreams and goals, roll it up and place it in the capsule which you wear around your neck. It is a constant reminder of what those dreams and goals are. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you live each day in the direction of your goal. You can buy one for yourself, for gifts and even for fundraisers. I wonder what the Saints players wrote and put in their capsule. I think they wanted a superbowl ring to go with that necklace. Go Saints! They made a lot of fans and past players very proud today. “Make a Difference One Dream at a Time”. I’ll ask Gene to let me know the next team that will be sporting these chains, and I’ll get my bet money out!